Join Us

Membership forms are available behind the Club bar. To become a member, you must fill out an application form, have it countersigned by your sponsor and a committee member and return with remittance to the Honorary Membership Secretary, Bangor RF&CC.

Members are encouraged to pay their annual subscription by monthly Direct Debit over the 10 month period from 1st July to 1st April. Please contact the Honorary Membership Secretary by clicking HERE.

Membership details for 2019/20 are as follows:

Membership CategoryAnnual Subscription
(a) Voting Members
Vice Presidents£178.00
Vice Presidents (retired*)£125.00
Senior Playing£165.00
Junior Playing (under 22 on 1st May)£65.00
Non-Playing (retired*)£76.00
Country **£60.00
(b) Non Voting Members
Youth Rugby Playing£55.00
Youth Cricket Playing£55.00
Mini Rugby Playing£55.00

Membership Payment Rules

All subscriptions become due and payable to the Honorary Membership Secretary on 1st day of May of the calendar year. All categories of members shall have the option of paying their subscriptions by direct debit over a ten month period, commencing on 1st day of July until the 1st day of April the following calendar year.

A member of the Rugby Section, whose subscription and fee has not been paid before 1st day of October, shall cease to be entitled to the privileges of membership.

Players are reminded that a "No pay, no play" rule will be imposed by Selection Committee on all players whose subscriptions are outstanding by 1st October.

All members apart from Associate, Youth and Mini, have full Club voting rights.

*Vice-Presidents and Non-Playing members, upon reaching the age of sixty or upon retirement from full-time occupation, are entitled to thirty per cent reduction of the subscription payable.

**Members of the Club who are resident outside Northern Ireland for at least six months in any year shall be entitled to Country membership.